SKKU Old Campus and Korea University Tour

The roof of Shinsammun.

The gate opens, and the first people to walk through are student ambassadors from Korea University.

The gate is only opened symbolically for Confucian rites, and only the spirits of Confucian scholars are supposed to enter here. This path is also only for the spirits to follow.

A reception inside the 600-Year Anniversary Building.

The main building of Korea University is being remodeled, but at least you can see what it looks like, as well as enjoy some rare blue sky.

Walter didn't so much lead the tour as organise everyone into groups for it.

All the tour guides were student ambassadors.

They have a fairly extensive underground space.

They also have a miniature of the university.

It makes you feel like Godzilla.

Construction on this building halted during the Korean War, and when they resumed after they didn't have the original plans. Apparently some of the windows are crooked but I'm not exactly sure where to look.

Free bikes in Seocho.

Our old campus on a sunny day.

At first I thought this was someone's head.

I wonder where this leads.

McDonald's delivery scooters, a common sight around SKKU.

That's a lot of birds.

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