Kids on the Move in Double A Studio

I got there in time for ...Whatever That Means.

It can be a challenge photographing Trash so that her head is more than a mouth and hair.

They went through their set a bit faster than usual and padded it out playing anything they could think of.

After they finish, Jeff jumps right into drinking.

Next was Skasucks.

This is my second time seeing them with Goyang on keyboard.

What's he pointing at?

What's everyone pointing at?

Goyang is having the fight of her life against gravity.

I tried not to be too leary.

Interesting high-five technique.

Goyang gives up against gravity.

So she might as well get comfortable.

EDIT: This picture was cut, as you could see a small amount of Goyang's panties where her shorts were riding up on her outer leg. We had a late-night Facebook conversation about this and she said the following.

Goyang: Anyway 2 of 5 things that i've really wanted to do on a stage had done so i'm so happy. One of them was lying down and the other one was showing my panty(this one was totally an accident)

Jon: What are the other 3?

Goyang: Spitting on someone's face randomly
With pure anger

Jon: Ill let ken handle that one

Goyang: Ken never makes me angry enough haha
i sent my panty pic to my mum and she liked it. Would like to send her others as well.
Oh and no i wasnt so drunk. Just i wanted to do so coz i felt very good. I didn't fall down. I lay down haha

Anyway, most erotic rendition of "Skinhead Moonstomp" ever.
Trash rushes in to save her guitar.

Last, here's Kids on the Move.

Jeff's pimping for donations.

They got Kiseok on stage for one song.

I really want a GoPro with a monopod.

I guess it's convenient if you have to throw up.

This bar had a little glass booth for smokers who didn't want to go outside.

And after we decided to torture our bodies even more.

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