Funkafric Bluestar

I tried my speedlight, but didn't like it.

We wedged ourselves in with a table of the band's girlfriends.

The madang wasn't as packed as the last time I went to one of these shows.

The people on the far side over there were the ones who ended up fighting. No idea what that was about.

Drink break.

The guy on the left was giving a speech and offered to pay for the entire 2cha.

I think he said he'd just published a book.

Jaeeun looks very unpatriotic without her flag sticker.

I told the drummer I liked his jacket.

This guy sang for a short while.

Even Charlotte is patriotic, and she just moved here.

More makgeolli.

I tried my speedlight again.

The show ended quickly because apparently the cops were called.

The 2cha, where we didn't stay long even though it was free.

At Arirang.

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