Moving in

This is the view from one of my windows.

Pulled back a bit.

Another window looks downtown. You can see Hyundai headquarters on the left and the Eye of Sauron in the middle.

Unfortunately I don't have any outdoor space on the roof.

The view from my kitchen window.

A little to the left, I can see the peak of Bugaksan.

There are a lot of weird lines in my apartment.

Also, three closets like this.

This one is for the cats.

The front entrance is see-through. Fortunately there's another door a few flights down.

Out on the street, there's an interesting mix of old shops and trendy new places.

I moved the cats in first.

Dongyoung helped me, then we went out for chicken.

It took the cats a little while to figure out the easiest way up to the counter.

Buster tests out the new litter box location.

Millie likes cupboards.

Half moon over Bukchon.

There are lights on in Hyundai all night.

The route I take to work is lit up at night.

Buster checks out another closet.

Buster visits the washroom.

Looking for drinkable water.

Food time.


Buster and Millie on the kitchen counter.

Buster was glad to eat but Millie refused to eat next to him. So Buster got her food.

A tense naptime in bed.


She's not that mean.

Buster settles in.

A little more tension.

Buster sleeps with one eye open.

Rolling around on the floor.

Looking in the mirror.

There's a restored Hanok that serves brunch food all day.

Tyler helped move all my stuff in.

Millie looks out over the city.

This is the first time I've seen her watching a bird in years.

I should probably worry about the screen.

The birds flew away and Millie didn't bark at them.

Meanwhile, over at another window.

Another look at Bugaksan.

I believe that my own place would look something like the top of this building. It's very hard finding a place to actually view it though.

Down on the street, this is about average for tourist traffic.

The cats want to go out.

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