Shake Shop Volume 12

I showed up midway through Galaxy Express's set.

Here's organiser Shawn Despres with a suitably earphoned baby.

Kingston Rudieska was the next band.

I think this was when their set started.

A line was drawn on the floor and everyone rushed backwards every time the bellydancers came out.

This picture was blurred a bit by the light, but I enjoy what it did to the middle dancer's hand.

Time for a break for the bellydancers, so everyone rushed back to the stage.

Shawn and Eshe weren't the only couple who brought their baby with them. E-daeng and Sharon didn't think as much about ear protection.

Bellydancing time again.


Seok-yul just wanted to dance up there.

Bellydancers again, this time wearing what look like police uniforms?

Eshe and her baby.

Apparently Sapiens 7 is closing soon.

At the Yuppie Killer afterparty.

Is Jru giving a speech?

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