Partying Like Shit at the Yuppie Killer CD Release

I got there in time for Mixed Blood.

I ended up kind of preferring the colours when I ran some automated processes on the photos.

New idea for a book: Where's Kendo?

Matt was dressed up nicely for the show.

Balloons! They're heart-shaped, though from this way up they look more like scrota. Which is probably what the shape is based on originally anyway.

Bat the scrotum.

Anyway, time for Animal Anthem.

Break time.

Now it's time for Something Fierce. Jru is leaving Korea soon and needs to find someone to rent his really nice two-storey rooftop apartment to. I chose smaller place, better location in Bukchon, but Jru's place was a close second in my deliberations.

Because they brought the drumkit down onto the stage floor which isn't set up for drums, it basically disintegrated after a few songs. A bunch of us jumped on stage to hold the drums together so they could continue the set without taking a long break. I ended up holding Jru's kick pedal thing, whatever you call it, in place. It gave me an interesting angle of him.

Iain was probably holding something together as well.

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