Steel Face Records Compilation Release

I got there just in time to see the last few songs by Cockrasher.

You can see how problematic the lighting is, in that it's mainly focused around the guitarist's hands.

Next was Dives.

Here's the Patients.

On the bright side, the drummer is always well lit.

And in this case, well hatted.

Now here's Galaxy Express.

I got out my speedlight and began fine-tuning it to light Juhyun more consistently.

Then I thought fuck it, time to try something new.

This would not be possible if the lights were pointed at his head.

Freaky armpit face.

His hand steraks up to his face (or more likely downward, since the flash goes off at the start of the exposure).

The next band was Bad Trip, who combine punk and grunge music as well as blues.

This trick really only worked well with Juhyun for some reason.

And the last band was the Swindlers.

Then we went over to another venue to catch the last few minutes of Return Bois.

After that show ended, we went out for seafood.

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