Sungkyunkwan University

Bob's Burgers? I got my hopes up for a moment. Hell, I would've settled for Bob Sapp's interracial-sex-themed burger joint.

The view from my building.

The traditional building behind the trees is Bicheondang, the examination building.

Here it is from the front.

Looking in on Old Sungkyunkwan campus.

This is the back of Myeongnyundang, the main study hall.

I believe this is Seojae, the west dormitory.

I'm unsure what all the buildings here were used for, but it seems there were many smaller purposes. Also, cat.

The front step of Dongjae, the eastern dormitory. The drum was used to mark time for students.

This is Dongmu, a Confucian shrime.

A closed gate.

This is where Seomu, another Confucian shrine, almost touches Jegigo, a storage building for ceremonial dishes.

Here's a map of the old campus.

The lobby of the International Building is on level 2.

I think the image of the men's washroom was passed around online a few years ago.

From the roof of the International Building.

Looking down toward the old campus.

Looking uphill at the rest of the campus.

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