Lunar New Year at Thunderhorse

A rare picture of Billy Carter standing close together.

Just Jina on her own, warming up on harmonica.

The crowd.

Next up was Dead Buttons.

Goyang and a fan.

During their set, I nudged one of the stage lights to better hit the lead singer.

While ...Whatever That Means prepared, I looked at what I could do about the lighting.

Over at the bar.

Trash really didn't want the lights to be on that much.

It looks like Hong9 is holding a fan.

Drink time.

I stopped by to say hi to Rowan, who I last met while on assignment with Thanks to me, one of the top hits of his name shows him with his ex-wife. I can sympathise.

On the topic of beer, here's a crater in my oatmeal stout.

I have no idea what was happening here.

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