Mopo Oil Reserve

I wandered around the mountain paths for a while in search of it.

I finally found myself uphill of one.

There are a couple more.

Closer up, they're huge rust buckets.

The stairs are solidly welded on, but there's nowhere high up on these structures that I feel entirely safe.

The top.

Down at the bottom.

I peered inside one of the entrances, but there was no way I was going in there alone.

There were all these old kiosks at one part of the road.

I went into another one with Jessica.

There was a collapse at one part of this one.

With her here I was a bit more ready to slip inside the hatch.

We left in kind of a hurry due to some sounds down there. Possibly further collapse?

There's an observation platform for hikers up there.

I don't see any "do not enter" signs, so let's go.

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