I took her to a supermarket. I don't know why, but I had to start it somewhere, so it started there.

She's staying in an officetel in Gongdeok.

You can see Seoul Square or whatever that building is called.

We took the subway to Hongdae.

At a return trip to the nightmare lab, I found that some of the specimens were freezing.

The frog was frozen. I'm honestly unclear if this is multiple specimens, or a single frog that defies the laws of causality, trapped in ice.

Here kitty kitty. Millie just wandered off my lap at the right time.


This part of campus is alarmed up to the wazoo.

Hey, they're the company that made my respirator.

Great work on the fire hydrant.

On the way to her place once, I got the taxi to take me a different direction and we passed by this. Last time I was in the area, for an abandoned neighbourhood next door, I looked at this and assumed it was next.

Mostly too late unfortunately.

We waited for these kids to get out of sight.

There wasn't much left, and what we did see was clearly in very poor shape prior to demolition.

This one Hanok had been demolished, leaving this dresser sticking out.

Back to Dong Cult Park.

She later told me she was terrified, but she sure doesn't look it.

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