Javin Returns

I'd been hoping to get closer to this building to photograph this bizarre bit of demolition. Too bad there were a thousand cops directly behind me.

So much of the area has been torn down.

Javin mostly made use of his phone.

This looks like wheatpasting done after gutting, but I'm not sure why anyone would bother.

Moon's probably embarrassed by the crappy tagging.

Not sure what this means but it looks more schematic of the area.

We found this racecar in a garage.

A drawer handle.

Two abandoned bikes.

This is part of a two-storey house that was converted to two single-storey units.

A small amount of Hanoks left.

Korean architecture is a nightmare if you're a stickler for parallel lines.

Next we hit a rooftop right in the area that gave a good overview.

Remember when I said there were a thousand cops there?

They're planning to remove the tiles before demo.

While we were in the area we heard a lot of very loud demolition from over here.

There's a protest next to Dongnimmun.

Suddenly, all the buses unloaded.

The police converged on the protest.

They even spelled out SS for me, foregoing subtlety.

The elevators in this building are as old as you can imagine. The "Open" and "Close" buttons are in Korean. Right after I took this, the doors closed and I tried stopping them with my hands, but the doors didn't open again, instead tightening around my hand. I had to remember in a split second which button is which.

The demo as seen from street level.

Guarding the motel.

Best as I can tell, it's mainly an anti-president protest.

They had music.

Just as we arrived, the protest turned into a parade.

Peeking out a top window in Oksu-dong.

We couldn't get in this time.

Dusk fell.

Time for Sindang-dong tteokbokki.

And fish bread.

Up on a rooftop in Dongdaemun.

Overlooking Dong Cult Park, which still isn't open.

A double-decker rooftop.

A view of Gwangheemun, one of the lesser-known city gates.

That one billboard kind of ruins the view this way.

Group picture.

We revisited this other rooftop I've been hitting a lot lately.

On the roof of YesAPM, we found this pen with two dogs who were cruelly separated from each other. This is something that's allowed?

As I was standing there, two girls spotted this place and mistook it for a 7/11 and went in.

Inside subway tunnel machinery. It was insanely humid in here.

Less humid on the other side of all the machinery.

It's been a long day for these two.

On the bus homeward.

Next morning around sunset, on top of Rinnai.

Javin loves Korean milk drinks.

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