Abandoned Factory

The view over southern Seoul from the building where I had a meeting.

Looking toward I think Yeouido.

Spot the abandoned factory.

I found a bunch of mannequin stuff in the stairs leading to the roof.

A closer look at the factory.

This building somehow had a giraffe on one floor at the elevator. Accidental shot of someone working in the building.

Getting into the factory complex wasn't so hard.

Mostly empty on the inside.

This factory seems to have dealt with automotives.

Don't forget your pipe. In another part of the complex, I did find a single women's washroom too, but this building was men's only.

This seems pretty conclusively for dealing with cars.

I was hoping to be able to figure this out, but no clue.

This pipe was wrapped up with Dr Martens tape.


Directions for carrying loads if you're a wooden mannequin.

I really need to stop sneaking into places while wearing my new suit.

Calendars on the property showed it closed in 2009.

Recycling storage.

Down in the subway, I found this heavy door. I wonder if it's an emergency shelter in case of bombing.

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