Gangnam Style

Driving through Singil, I found a very large abandoned, mostly demolished, neighbourhood.

This old man seemed to be unconnected with the workers, maybe a former resident coming back to see how it's changed.

I wandered up into the neighbourhood, which was quite nice.

Evictee headquarters.

Then in my search to get back to where I started, I accidentally got drawn into a second abandoned neighbourhood.

Back at the first one.

After that, I found an old overgrown moon village in Sangdo.

Click for a panorama.

The roof seems to be sagging.

There were a few banners around this area.

D'oh, I didn't crop this panorama entirely well.

Next I went up through Sangdo, where there used to be an extensive abandoned neighbourhood.

This is the same moon village from the other side.

I found a very quiet Buddhist temple.

This used to be a road, which is now a dead end. There are many holes for water, coming down from the mountain. I guess this is their attempt at drainage.

An interesting gate in a maple leaf park.

Heading into the heart of Gangnam.

Subway station under construction.

Fat workers can't take the escalator.

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