Real DMZ

The Iron Triangle Tourist Office

A bit of the countryside. I realised on this part of the trip that there is one major thing that visually separates the South and North Korean countrysides more than anything else: power lines.

Entrance to the 2nd Tunnel.

On the way down, I saw this poster. "Remember! The shooting has stopped but the war doesn't seem to have ended.

At the bottom of the descent.

This must be the direction the North Koreans continued digging.

This pool was used as a wishing fountain.

The installation by Dirk Fleischmann.

To North Korea.

Next stop was the Cheorwon Peace Observatory, which you need to take a monorail up to.

Another installation.

Looking out over the DMZ from outside.

I took the monorail down alone.

I'd enter this in this, but...real name verification. Oh well.

Next stop was Woljeong-ri Station, which had the badly burned wreckage of a train with the engine still looking mostly intact.

Last stop: the Labor Party Headquarters.

This DMZ cat was pretty friendly.

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