We had a soundcheck before the show which went about ten minutes longer than I'd hoped.

Sato Yukie and Tyler did a soundcheck that blended into their actual set.

Nikolai and Phil get ready in their respective ways.

There was quite a large crowd there for Brothers of the Hole.

Sean wasn't the intended focus of this shot, but he made sure that he was.

Peter joined as their air guitarist.

Now it was Mixed Blood's first show.

Yes, he really did turn this red.

No Control were the odd band out of the night, playing longer songs for a longer set, and not quite encouraging as much moshing. Which was good for a break.

Those white slats behind the drummer both fell over during the show, and I and another guy ran to rescue the drummer who didn't miss a beat.

I kept checking outside to make sure there was no trouble, ie Verv was behaving himself.

Something Fierce played next.

The Lowrise people, who were expecting a surprise government inspection that night. As far as I know, nothing ever happened.

Chadburger time.

I realised who Tel reminds me of during this set. That guy on Prometheus who was reanimated and showed up at the cargo bay door with his limbs all twisted up.

The last band was Scumraid.

And afterward, we all ended up at Roots Time.

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