Attacking Forces CD Release

My pictures of Chanter's Alley mostly didn't come out. That's the problem with using ambient lighting: you have to be spot on.

An odd request.


Been quite a while since I saw Samchung last.

And a long time since I saw Michelle. Does she even go by that name?

After shooting her, I had my camera set on manual focus, so it was a fluke of luck I was standing about the same distance from these guys in the next couple pictures.

And by now I've realised my error and I'm hoping at least some of those pictures won't be horribly out of focus.

Astral projection!

This picture would be better without my shadow on him.

Captain Bootbois.

Has Skele been Obamafied?

As you can tell, the lighting changes very swiftly here. You have to get into a rhythm to expose right when the lighting reaches one stage.

Time for Attacking Forces, with this guy who I think comes from 49 Morphines.

Jesse was paparazzi'ing all night with his new polaroid camera.

Mingyulee is leaving soon to go on a biking tour across Asia. He won't be back for a few years.

Something about these pictures reminds me of what the Korean punk scene was like years and years ago.

Verv showed up!

We went out for food after.

We even got a performance on that instrument, whatever it's called.

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