Doha Project at Geumcheon Arts Camp

There was a hilarious safety banner separating the public side of Doha from the part under heavy demolition. What exactly is over there that will do this?

Or this, a full-body Sikh conversion?

Hareem, the leader of the Doha Project.

Jiae was psyched to be meeting him. I hadn't even thought to tell her who we were meeting beforehand, but it turns out she's a fan of his music.

A familiar looking signature.

After the interview, we strayed into the corner of the base where a few untouched buildings still stood.

An unfortunate cat.

This picture was censored from the government article for some reason.

THis was in a dark hallway, so it was tough to tell at the time whether they were photographs or not.

I took pictures of their schedules just to know what they were up to.

From a nearby rooftop.

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