The owner of Dol Record.

He was really proud of this record, featuring Korean musicians performing country music circa '60s. Not for sale. I've found two copies for sale online, one that sold for 33 GBP, and another for sale at 1.2 million KRW. Yes, that's just over $1000.

The names of the musicians are things like Kimchi Kitty, Kimchi Chet Atkins, and Numb Nuts. You can see a better scan of it here (scroll down, NSFW as I just found out) and also find one track for download.

I also stopped by Hoehyeon Underground Shopping Arcade, which used to be dedicated solely to records.

One store had these old Korean anime soundtracks. I actually think that they were all purchased at Dol Record, because I know I've seen them there before.

Selling reissues.

Why didn't anyone tell me there's an abandoned highrise in Myeongdong?

Heavy construction around back though.

Tyler up on one of my favourite roofs. Well, two of my favourite roofs.

We went to see Sato Yukie perform live that night.

I stopped by Roots Time to talk to Shinji about records too.

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