Yeosu Expo

One of the main streets in the morning.

Through the middle of the international pavilion.

The roof had a massive LED display.

Expo Town, where the staff live.

An outdoor performance.

A somewhat sheltered performance.

More colours at the international pavilion.

Looking at the main gate.

Dancers from the Ivory Coast.

I think this was the Turkish pavilion. If your shadow touched the digital fish, they'd race away.

The Danish pavilion was a high point. Blowing on the turbine powers the lights in the LED buildings.

Lego in the Danish pavilion.

Azerbaijan traditional performance.

I found Stephanie at the German pavilion.

Inside the German pavilion.

At the Swiss pavilion, we got a separate English tour from the droves of Korean tourists.

Our guide on the left is showing us the ancient glacier core drilling.

A gymnastics performance out front.

I think this was in the Swedish pavilion.

I found this a coincidentally interesting choice of words.

Another performance.

More of a performance piece.

Next: Sky Tower.

I couldn't help but take this picture.

The interior of the silo.

A couple of the corporate pavilions.

A few more, plus the ferry terminal.

Looking toward the international pavilion.

The glass floor in between the towers.

I'm curious what this is.

A model of Sky Tower.

I was trying to explain the concept of fill light to some Chinese people.

The Lotte pavilion, which has a big virtual hot-air balloon ride.

Entrance to the Thai pavilion.

Again with the LED ceiling, with the animated whale.

Another Korean performance.

Otter enclosure in the aquarium.

Would you believe this is the petting zoo?

Beluga whales.


The biggest aquarium, with an inner viewing area.

Sea turtle.

As I stood there, I heard a lot of Koreans remark on how delicious the crabs looked.

Oh yeah, that really makes me hungry.

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