Hongdae Playground

First band was Scumraid, and even though we still had the best daylight I still couldn't get a clear picture of Juyoung.

End of the set.


Dinosaurs, which looks like it's made from the ashes of Return Bois.

I asked the Makgeolli Man if I could interview him for an article, and he introduced a new English phrase in his repertoire: "No comment." Then he whipped out the makgeolli.

I kind of like how the focus worked the opposite of how I wanted.

I wasn't going to upload this until I saw the cymbal.

Still at it.

Time for Cock Rasher.

Paul spotted Sharon--from behind, no less, and sure enough it was her, back from Japan for good.

Time for some seagull meat.

And inevitably Roots Time.

And a kebab.

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