May Day

Walking from Daeheung to Gongdeok, over the Gyeongui Line.

We went back to the abandoned neighbourhood we'd taken Curtis previously.

Some calendars inside a "beer/western liquor" place.

Tight fit.

Second floor.


Hongje Waterfall

A new abandoned neighbourhood Nik spotted while mountain-climbing. I say new but this one has been in pretty well the same state since late 2010, according to Daum.

Can you guees what's wrong with this picture?

Then we went to Nokbeon to do some mountain-climbing.

This home may still be lived in.

Nice view.

An old subway map, I'd guess from around ten years ago.

The view from the mountain.

Brought to you by the letter Q.

In case you were wondering what was below the very top photo of this gallery.

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