The fishing industry carries on as always.

They built this new dock off the breakwater, which I believe is going to provide a fishing experience event for the Expo.

The Dongbaek train.

One of Admiral Yi Sun-shin's ships.

His other ship, the turtle ship, which was so fearsome to the Japanese that they gave it a very wide berth, leading to him having to achieve victory using mainly the ships pictured above.

The nozzle in the mouth shot flame.

Our tour guide.

A less intimidating turtle ship.

Walking through the forest.

There's going to be a penis tree!

There it is I guess.

The old lighthouse.

Another one of our guides.

Heading down to Dragon Cave.

That's Dragon Cave in the background.

One of the volunteers.

I wanted a picture of her climbing down, but she thought risking her life by letting go of the rock for a good picture of V signs would be better.

Now our turn.

Heading out.

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