Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea

Yeony and Suny were waiting to greet us in the train station.

I love how unselfconsciously they're being posed in front of the construction fence.

The train station, and I believe Sky Tower in the background.

Lunch in Yeocheon.

They had Yeocheon Makgeolli.

Looking out the bus window.

Once again, Yeony and Suny.

Posing for a group photo was a time-consuming affair.

Not the Yeosu I remember from 1996. Not even the one I remember from 2009.

A luxury hotel built near the breakwater to Odongdo.

Overlooking the Expo grounds from the information building.


Trying to figure out the photo booth.

When we went out into the grounds, Suny tripped over a curb, so Chinese people began guiding him around.

Construction was still underway.

Yeony and Suny had to leave us.

Two of the landmarks of the Expo, the Big-O and Sky Tower.

Pretty sure these were fake.

Looks like there has been some resistance to the redevelopment.

Looking back on the hotel on the way out to Odongdo.

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