Culture Station 284

There was a performance out front that blended more things than I could count.

The cutting of the ribbon, sadly lacking oversized scissors.

I didn't realise at the time, but this screen was showing footage of Cafe Mari.

I stopped by later and saw footage that included many people I knew, including Jang Pyha, bassist of Bamseom Pirates.

This is Korea's Minister of Culture Choi Gwang-shik.

A pungmul performance outside.

This drunk guy came over to say something to me, but I couldn't hear over the music. I thought he was saying "This is my home" possibly in reference to the fact that a lot of homeless people used to camp out here.

He then proceeded to bust a move to the band.

Security descends.

Back upstairs, there were speeches by many eminent Korean figures, such as architect Ahn Sang-soo, second from right.

They left two corner rooms as a living museum to the original materials of the station.

In the Kim Swoo-geun exhibit, my coworker takes a picture of Freedom Center. The reason she's smiling: she got married there on 17 September 2011 (apologies if you can't view the link; you probably have to be my Facebook friend).

An old photo showing Freedom Center to the left, and Tower Hotel to the right.

The redecorated ceiling under the main dome. Previous one.

Last, we tried getting a straight-on picture of the building from the middle of the road out front.

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