First we had a brief ceremony in the conference room. As you can tell by the guy on the left, one of my coworkers took this picture.

The three Korean people are my bosses. The woman on the left is the head of our team, the guy on the right is the head of our unit, and the guy in the middle is the new director of KOCIS.

I had to stay behind to edit an article (about this) so I caught up with everyone at the museum.

We had a very brief tour, with a docent guiding us to the highlights of the museum and giving us an in-depth explanation.

This was an incense burner that was carefully crafted to make a cross-section of the universe.

A further back look, although of course you can't see the turtle it all rests upon, or the turtle below it, or the infinite turtles all the way down.

This ornate crown comes from the fifth-century Silla kingdom. It was uncovered from a burial site by Gyeongju, and due to how delicate it is, it was most likely intended to be worn only by the deceased. As we moved around the room, the crown in the glass case could be seen to waver slightly.

This ten-level pagoda dates back to Goryeo in 1348. In 1907 it was cut into pieces and shipped to Japan. After it was returned, it was displayed in Gyeongbokgung, but the pollution and acid rain damaged it so it was moved here.

A room full of Buddhist statues. I had to leave for this part to do an interview with TBS eFM.

The one on the right is actually the pose of the statue in Dapsimni.

It's hard to tell in this image, but this statue is life-sized. Our guide explained that he is depicted contemplating the suffering of the common people, and he is smiling because he just figured out the solution to all of life's suffering. "--But I'm Catholic," our docent adds quickly.

The pottery exhibition. This odd-shaped bowl is supposed to resemble the Moon.

Last, we went to an art room to attempt to make dragon pictures.

Seungju, one of my coworkers, turned out to be really good at it.

I didn't colour mine, but ended up half sketching half tracing a dragon with its body tied in a knot. Much thanks to Airplane! for how this should look.

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