New Abandoned Amusement Park

Looking from a nearby rooftop, the park is pretty well fenced off. However, where there's a fence, there's a weakness.

First time I've seen an abandoned ferris wheel.

Closer up, this was a low-resolution computer image.

Zamperla is a major ride manufacturer in Italy. I wonder if this was authentic, considering the name was misspelled in some places. Also, it really doesn't stand up to the modern rides at the Kaeseon Fun Fair.

Baby helicopter.

The pirate (as opposed to viking) was the only ride I didn't give enough attention to.

Closer to the ferris wheel.

You can see the condition of my lens in this shot.

The park from up high.

There's another group of photographers around the merry-go-round. We spent at least an hour avoiding each other.

Is that Dubai in the background?

There used to be a reservoir over there.

I wanted to go for a swim.

On the way out, I photographed these two buildings that seem to be part of the original park, and are in a bad state.

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