I was a bit surprised to find these here. There was even one left.


A fairly old-fashioned rollerskate.

What is that, a Jesus fish?

The death door.

On the other side, I found magnetic coupons for Ghost Pizza.

Looks like a hired goon had a bit of trouble drawing a skull.

Still occupied. I saw someone on the other side and ran for it.

I found a goshiwon where each room was still mostly furnished.

Bigger rooms higher up.

A room salon and a church, together at last.

I had a quick look inside this but it looks like they might be doing asbestos abatement.

Can't think of any other reason for these plastic sheets, unless the next season of Dexter is in Korea.

This excavator sits where Rhee Kanghee used to live.

Some green and pink stripes really class up the area.

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