North Ahyeon

A nice door.

A creative door.

A toilet with a view.

Yet another cuckoo clock.

More fake blood.

The whole time we were in this part, we could hear these guys playing soccer.

We got into an abandoned taekwondo school.

I believe this map shows the area. The soccer game was in the school in the lower right corner. The church and cluster must be right to the right of 174dae. Right now we're a bit north of 174dae.

You can see where we started.

I joked that Yogurtor sounds like a He-Man villain. Then later it inspired me for my new Kingdom of Loathing character name (being the only online game not blocked at work).

We got into a kindergarten or daycare.

Look more excited or you're all staying until 2am!

I like that someone drew a wang on William Shakespeare's forehead.

We got into a beautiful Hanok.

Making tea.

Oddly, we had just seen this exact same toothpaste brand at the "This is Korea 1970khz" exhibit.


Oops. Too late.

We had to run when the mecha patrols started getting closer.

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