I want to plat with you

This was on my door as I was leaving. I don't know which is more disturbing, all the shrimp on the pizza or the "Jesus loves you" slogan.

The baby crane that sprang up next door.

This is on the window of Stephanie's hostel. Not too notable other than for the unnecessary quotation marks.

Emerging from out of a mountain.

I took almost exactly the same picture a few months ago.

This home was in similar condition, but somebody took the very filthy bed away.

Crane door.

Shortly after taking this, we were accosted by two Korean guys who were displeased to see us. I told them we were looking for our friends home, and we didn't need any help, so thanks, and we hurried off.

I found this interesting map in a kid's room which shows some interesting details of North Korea. They do a fair job of representing the signature dishes of North Korea, as well as resources, wildlife, and some culture and architecture. I wonder if the scribblings were nonsensical or the work of some kid plotting out invasions.

My favourite detail of the map. I can't find any information about any exploding coal plants in Bokchang-gun, but okay.

An abandoned stove viewed at a strange angle.

Or rather, leaning at a strange angle.

Not surprisingly, his schedule involves a lot of real estate agents.

Nice looking pot.

Still active.

On the side of a fridge left in the street.

American-proof door.

Above the neighbourhood is a bit of a park with the usual workout equipment.

A big hole in the roof.

Doggie mat.

Taken at the exact moment to make him look sad.

Howdy neighbour.

The underside of a washing machine.

Garfield clock.

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