Chris Murray Combo

I found an abandoned looking building on the way to the hostel.

We showed up at 4 for sound check. This one at DGBD went a lot more smoothly, with Lorne on his home turf.

Chris met with Jang Goon backstage to try and figure out how to play Arirang.

It took a while.

Then over to Praha for some Korean micro-brewed beers.

Did you ever notice Rachel's eyes are different colours?

First band was I&I Djangdan. They had the most difficult stage setup, so they soundchecked last (took well over an hour) and then played first, so the stage would only have to be mutilated twice.

The audience stayed a little back from the stage.

Yeah, lots of room up front.

By the time Number 1 Korean played, I was too busy running around panicking to take pictures. I got one good one, and I think it's a very good one.

Skasucks was delayed because their drummer was hit by a car on his way to the show. He had to go to the hospital and get a cast before he could play, but play he did.

Time for Chris Murray Combo.

Suddenly the place was a lot more full.

Smiley really got into the music.

Jung closed the ticket counter so she could come in and see them, and videotape.

For the last song, Kingston Rudieska joined them onstage to assist in "Home," which is always their final song. I'm disappointed I didn't get a clearer shot.

Then for the encore, Jang Goon performed Arirang.

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