Slackers in Skunk Hell

Up until now I wasn't really sure how the turnout was. For the openers there was still a large crowd outside, and the door people hadn't been keeping track of how many tickets were sold (I really didn't want to know). When the Slackers started people crammed inside.

The view from the merch table.

Glen turned very red.

The shock of the night was finding this Korean punk asleep behind one of the amps. I even took his pulse after about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, at the door, they were reporting there was no longer enough room for people to fit inside the venue.

Buying a shirt.

Never Daniel jumped on stage to dance and Marcus serenaded him.

Imagine waking up to find one of the best ska bands on the planet towering over you.

Ara didn't like being photographed on stage.

Too much alcohol wins out over the Slackers.

Meanwhile Dave Hillyard's starting to feel the vapours.

Vic called for everyone to revive Dave by shouting "Disco Dave!"

These concerned gentlemen had better ideas about how to revive Dave.

Quick! CPR!

Anyway, Dave got the hell up before they could give him mouth-to-mouth.

Crap, I lost my new lenscap. Can you find it, all the way over on the other side of the stage, underneath Vic's keyboard?

The Korean punks sitting on stage left. Plus, Phoebe's amp.

Will they play an encore?

Of course.

Now Team Dread can say they shared a stage with the Slackers.

Beomju gets launched.

The merch sold a ton after the show.

Everyone gathered outside.

I asked if anyone would be willing to help clean up. One of my friends asked everyone to pick up one piece of garbage and throw it away, but I forget who. And Diane helped sweep up.

Here's Melissa saying goodbye.

And here's Marcus between two twins.

Glen jaywalks Hongdae style.

Getting the Slackers to pose for a group photo after was like herding cats. Actually, on second thought, cats are more cooperative.

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Copyright Jon Dunbar 2004

Photos taken by
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