Slackers in Skunk Hell

At 6:10, 20 minutes before doors were scheduled to open, there was a crowd gathered out front. Most of the people showing up early were foreigners because I'd put the fear in them that the show would sell out.

Beomju was back.

Here's Sarah with her twin sister Katee Sackhoff. They're both from Edmonton and went to school with my sister.

Paul and Yumi gave out a sample of homemade chicken that was better than anything I could've imagined Paul cooking.

Jongjae set up his new meat truck out front of Skunk.

Ska Sucks opened the show around 6:50.

There's Jonghee.

I never managed to get any meat before Jongjae sold out.

Our door crew. Jesse's friend, who he introduced as Jay or Jae, helped out the whole night. Plus, Jay from the Slackers kept them company.

Yumi was the official lap-warmer.

A reporter from the Korea Herald showed up to do an article. Fortunately, it was about the music and not any sort of immigration law. He interviewed Marcus.

Laura arrived.

I never thought I'd see her in a skirt.

Orc sang one song for Rux.

Myunghwan got some beer for his crowd-surfing achievements.

The accordionist from Royal Shamrock showed up from Japan.

Luke (on the right) showed up from Cheongju. I made the two Misfits shirts kiss.

These two were down from Geoje Island.

As the Slackers were going on, Seungpa joined the door staff.

Jongjae ran out of meat that night.

Back inside, waiting for the Slackers to start.

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