Slackers in Skunk Hell

The Slackers slept in that morning/afternoon.

There's Hongik Insurgent Training Camp. Or if you're not in the US air force, Hongik Arts University.

We took them to the kimpop restaurant next to the park. Glen and Marcus had some ramyun.

Dave had dumpling soup. I had bibimbap. I think Jay had tuna fried rice. It was really hot, and he loved it so much he brought back takeout for Vic and Ara.

I brought them to Castle Praha for a round of Czech beers. They were pretty impressed.

Waiting for Orc to pick us up. We stopped by DGBD for the keyboard.

Jay wanted to get some souvenirs from the grocery store.

He got a bottle of seoljoongmae (plum wine) and some pepper sauce similar to what he had for lunch.

This is the building where they were staying. It's the secondary building for Kim's Guesthouse.

I explained to them what the double-barber poles mean.

Anyone know the deal with this tube of animals in the van?

Soundcheck at Skunk took a bit more patience. The equipment was in worse shape, everything was more confusing, and it was harder to communicate with Jinsuk than Lorne. We still got through everything fine.

Diane and Hyun helped us track down an extra amp for the keyboard. They contacted Phoebe from Shorty Cat to bring hers down.


Vic also enjoyed the tuna fried rice.

Relaxing outside.

Paul came by and congratulated the Slackers on last night's show.

We saw Lorne too.

Courtney arrived from Bundang with Matt in tow.

Paul jumped on his hog to take me to the print shop.

This girl gave me a flashback to a girl we met in China.

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