Slackers in DGBD

This image was printed in the Korea Herald.

The merch table had a dance floor.

Marcus Geard always supports his bass guitar on a stool or something. We had to use an amp.

Ara doesn't really like to have his picture taken.

DGBD was filled up. Not packed like tomorrow night would be, but filled very nicely. People had just enough room to dance.

When they played "Sarah" I ran back to the merch table to take over for Sarah so she could dance.

Paul joined me from above.

I did a quick trip to the door and found Jiwoong on his pretty scooter.

The guy in the middle with his hands raised is really really tall.

People on the balcony.

I've seen her sing for Kingston Rudieska a few times.

Vic looks like my friend Grant in this picture.

Dave Hillyard needed a nap partway through.

No wait, he was dead.

Jay always stood where it was hard to photograph.

This might be when they were doing their encore.

Cleaning up.

Kingston Rudieska members backstage.

After I got the Slackers back to their hotel, we went to a chicken hof.

Matt proposed to Courtney and gave her a ring taken from the mouth of a soju bottle.

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