Slackers at DGBD

We showed up at DGBD shortly after 5 for sound check. Here's Lorne, the sound guy.

For Vic we had rented a Korg Triton, which is hardly a good keyboard. In Korea it would be impossible to get anything that wouldn't make you sound like an '80s band. What I would've gived for the Motley Crumar that Eric from the Operators has back in Edmonton.

Here's Matt, the very helpful owner of DGBD.

Courtney ordered kimchi soup.

When we arrived the Kingston Rudieska group was mostly there. Here's Cheolwook, the trombonist.

I was glad to see Beomju had escaped the Korean army for the show. He showed up to see the sound check with Jinsuk and the Ska Sucks guys, and they had first go at the merch.

Sound check.

The Kingston Rudieska guys needed Slackers stuff, and Dave Hillyard needed money.

The guy in the orange pants is the Kingston Rudieska manager.

We took the Slackers out for Korean barbecue food. They enjoyed it a lot.

Here's Matt with Courtney. Matt brought along a nice video camera to film the show.

Heading back.

Yumi watched Suck Stuff's sound check.

How many Slackers can you find?

This intimidating looking church is where I like to drink.

Here's Lorne behind the sound board.

We opened the doors around 8:30 and I told Paul to start the Suck Stuff set as soon as we got enough people in.

When they started, it looked like there were only 30 people inside, and they were all pressed up against the walls. By the end of the set they had everyone on their feet cheering for more.

I let Beomju in for free because the door price was worth probably four months' service in the Korean army. Seriously, isn't it like 5000 won per month?

Jesse helped out around the door.

A member of Kingston Rudieska getting ready.

Beomju again.

Our two official door girls for the night.

Ara bought some chicken on a stick, and they even gave him a special bag to put it in.

Sarah worked the merch table the whole night, except for when the Slackers played "Sarah" and she ran out into the dance floor.

Marcus collected some money from the merch table.

Diane had her camera and she was ready to take pictures.

Most of the Slackers were in the little backstage area during the Kingston Rudieska set. Only Marcus was out on the floor when Kingston Rudieska started. It took him about three seconds to decide he loved the band, and he danced for a large part of their set.

Duel of the cameras.

I ran upstairs periodically to collect the door money and get some fresh air.

Taenam was there.

So was Donghyuk.

Three more songs?

Kingston Rudieska had a pretty good dancefloor.

Out come the cameras.

Here's Adam getting totally served by Beomju.

It looks like Marcus got a Kingston Rudieska CD.

I like taking Adam's picture. Couldn't decide which one was best.

I was glad to see members of Crying Nut at the show, even if some were in disguise.

For the Slackers, our door girls came in and Anthony watched the doors for a bit.

There was about a 20-minute break before the Slackers went on, during which beer was on special.

I'm sorry, but it takes a long time to edit these pictures. Tomorrow you'll see the Slackers performing in DGBD.

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