21 April 2017

In the Garden with Buster

Last year sometime, I found these shelves at the curb outside my home. I took them upstairs but they were both too filthy to be inside. They were okay out on the roof, but one of them rotted to the point where probably it would collapse under a cat's weight. I decided to repurpose it as a shelter to put bird seed, but this idea proved to be shortlived. Anyway, Buster took great interest in it and helped me throughout the process.

16 April 2017


As I made my way home back to Kim Jong-un, I took a few pictures in downtown Seoul showing some mildly interesting developments.

16 April 2017

Moon Village

I powered through and made it across northern Seoul to my destination, a moon village tucked away on the edge of the city. This place has some abandoned structures throughout but is otherwise relatively active compared to other moon villages.

16 April 2017

Wedding Hall

Riding onward, I passed by what appeared to be an abandoned wedding hall with a high fence around it. I stopped and ran the perimeter, finding an easy way in after a close encounter in a populated neighbouring apartment complex. The interior was mostly empty minus chairs, but there was enough to see to have meant my time was not wasted.

16 April 2017

Flagrant Story

I found these apartments on Instagram due to an image showing a street address, so coming to visit them I discovered they were pretty well where I expected. They were interesting enough but repetitive, and it wasn't until after when looking at the pictures I noticed they seemed to be made entirely of bricks, which seems a little strange.

15 April 2017


I haven't been back to Baedari in years. I believe I drove past it a few years ago on my way to Wolmido or Songdo, but since 2009 I haven't spent much time here; life became immediately tougher after I had a photo exhibition here in 2009.

These days, Space Beam is celebrating its tenth year in this space, while facing pressures to pack up and leave. Likewise, a few days after I visited, the park area nearby was damaged by hired goons apparently sent by a local government.

Although it was refreshing to revisit Space Beam, our main reason for visiting was the Sudoguksan Moon Village Museum, which was more an oddity than anything as it was primarily meant to communicate to young kids the conditions their grandparents endured.

13 April 2017

RASKB Culinary Club

After months if not years of planning, the RASKB Cuisine Club finally met for the first time. We went to Jeondaegamdaek, a makgeolli house in Seochon along the market street. It's a beautiful place with a nondescript entrance leading through the former car hole into a hanok madang out back. It's a place that hits you with its layout then finishes the job with an impressive menu of food and alcohol.

Anyway, people who want to participate should join the group. It is unspecified yet if this is for RASKB members only, but the fact we all pay our bill equally at the end of the night should leave room for everyone.

8 April 2017

Butt Goats

A trip that started with me going down south to look for some abandoned apartments quickly turned into a hunt for butt goats. I discovered many of the apartments down here were rife with butt goats, and tourists -- many of them on the way to the river and likely also unsuspecting they would see such a sight -- stopped by for pictures. On my way home, I stopped by what turned out to be one of the dokkaebi markets.

7 April 2017

Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Across the street from my office was an old neighbourhood of mostly commercial buildings. It was mainly restaurants but there were a few other businesses, including a "phone room" and a "kiss cafe." My goal was to get inside the kiss cafe, and while I never was able to before the building was brought down, I saw a lot of the rest of the building, including one floor above the kissing room that had a lot of sleazy beds.

4 April 2017

Opera at Severance Hospital

I went to Severance for a regular check-in with one of my specialists, and while I waited for a prescription to be filled I was entertained by an opera performance that happened right in the atrium of the hospital. I don't recall anything like this back when I was using Canadian healthcare.

1 April 2017


Unlike the last two entries, this actually was photographed on April 1. Not everything that happens that day is fake, although these days, what is real anyway?

April Fool's Day 2017

The Abandoned US Embassy

The US Embassy building was first constructed in 1962, based on a design by famous architect Kim Swoo-geun. Back then it was one of Seoul's most modern and tallest buildings. But soon after, the Americans outgrew the building, and have been trying to plan to move out since 1980.

When Trump took office in January, he fired all US ambassadors abroad. Ambassador Mark Lippert was sent home after a very eventful time here. Since then, the US Embassy has been empty.

The cops had their hands full with a large-scale protest, so I took the opportunity to attempt entry.

April Fool's Day 2017

Infiltrating Cheong Wa Dae

Now that the president has been removed from power and put in jail, we have over a month to go until the election to find her replacement. In the meantime, what's happening at Cheong Wa Dae? Repairs, renovations, and not a lot more, really.

I wandered in and had a look around while the compound was empty.

29 March 2017

Club Steel Face

At the previous show at DDP, the crowd was mostly fashion people who passively watched bands play on a big stage. Seeing the same bands play in a tiny Hongdae club was way better.

29 March 2017

Abandoned Cafe

Not far from where I live, this cafe recently closed. I'd stopped there once before when I was wandering around looking for an open cafe that had fruit juice, and this did the job for me right when I needed it.

Now that it's empty, it's really mainly interesting just for the view out back.

27 March 2017

Seoul Fashion Week

The night before, a poster went online about this show, featuring the Japanese bands Hat Trickers and Erections, both which I've seen before I think once each. It turns out, the show was organised by Bajowoo as part of Seoul Fashion Week. Bajowoo was a regular at Skunk years ago, but moved to Japan and became kind of a big deal. He probably had to return to see his dentist.

26 March 2017

Abandoned Seodaemun

I went back to CCTV Town, as there was a third abandoned neighbourhood across the street from that one. This one was fenced off with metal construction fences, making it harder to get in. The only proper entrance was across from a repair shop that is only closed on Sundays.

25 March 2017

Farewell Yellow Building

I stopped by the Yellow Building, only to find the thing half-demolished. It was one of the most interesting buildings around, so this is pretty sad for a lot of us.

25 March 2017


The last time I was here was back in September, but I didn't share more than one picture because the police came at me and started questioning me. I'd given it a wide berth until suddenly remembering it and wondering what was going on there.

24 March 2017

The Circus is Back

I came outside, only to discover a new circus lion in the tent. In this picture she roared and charged me. She didn't care about the tent last year so this is an interesting change in her behaviour, and maybe their sibling relationship.

21 March 2017

RASKB Business and Culture Club

I led the monthly event for the Business and Culture Club, in which we simply went up to the roof and had a look around at the locations of note in the area. I was mainly talking about ongoing and recent urban redevelopment, but we also had Jihoon, a Korean history major who knows the major historic sites visible from the same place. We ended up with basically two different stories to tell about the same areas.

18 March 2017

From Gangseo to Gangnam

I went down to the southeast to look in on an abandoned apartment complex, but high worker traffic meant this was not going to happen.

17 March 2017

Abandoned Progress

I drove around to a few sites to see how demolition was progressing. It was.

15 March 2017

Across the Street

Across the street from my work, demolition started on another block. I got through the fence but it was too late to see that one building. More to come in the future. My ultimate goal is to get into an abandoned kissing room.

12 March 2017

Abandoned Pirate Ship

Whenever you're down in Honam, you can't avoid the pirate ship. It was originally a wedding hall shaped like a ship, but whenever Kanghee is on board, it's a pirate ship.

12 March 2017

Abandoned Neighbourhood

In the morning we all met up and went to an abandoned neighbourhood where they're knocking down a variety of buildings, from public apartments to traditional houses and a few things that are somewhere in between. It was different in style from Seoul, although the demolition was pretty much the same.

11 March 2017

Toy Store

Anjee had spotted this abandoned building but wasn't into climbing fences. It was only about six feet high so I jumped over and found out what was inside. The answer: not that much.

11 March 2017

Palbok Art Factory

We went to Jeonju for an art exhibition held in an abandoned factory.

It was run by Anjee, who I've known for years but only ever met one time before, when we went to an abandoned neighbourhood in Seoul.

The exhibition was a lot of fun and there was free alcohol. Kanghee's car was filled with toy guns so we ran around the factory shooting at each other.

10 March 2017

South of the River

I went on a quick ride south of the river, tracing my previous journey down there somewhat. Previously, I went looking for an abandoned neighbourhood two of my friends had visited, and the one I found turned out to be a different one. So I returned and found that, yes, there is one more abandoned neighbourhood here, not far from the one I was in. I also stopped by the new Noryangjin Fisheries Market building, which is not just a concrete shell like the old one, but has floor materials that are slippery and wall and ceiling materials I imagine could be vulnerable to the extra moisture. I was looking for an ATM so didn't explore further.

10 March 2017

Impeachment Day

I came into work on Friday morning despite not being scheduled for that day. I just wanted to be in a newsroom when the impeachment ruling was announced. Contrary to what I feared, the justices ruled unanimously in favour of impeachment. After that, I headed to Gwanghwamun to see how things were going there. It was relatively peaceful though I was there early in the afternoon. I skipped the Park Sa Mo counterprotest where three people died, including one or two who died of natural causes.

A lot has been accomlished and a lot more needs to be done to fix society. But on the bright side, now a lot of prominent figures who were actively seeking to harm the public have been stripped of power.

8 March 2017

Bamgol Village on TBS eFM

Colin recruited me to join him and Kurt Achin on the TBS eFM radio show Koreascape for a walk around an abandoned neighbourhood. I was uncertain about doing this, but then demolition at Bamgol Village happened so fast, I decided this was the ideal place to go.

We went there on a Wednesday afternoon for which I took an extra-long lunch break. We walked all the way up to the top, which Kurt did despite being on crutches after I think a skiing accident. Then we walked down through the area.

I came across three stray cats: Snowy, Wheezy, and Skinny. Paul had earlier visited Wheezy and remarked on how friendly he was and how great his meow was. Unfortunately, by the time I visited, he was having severe respiratory problems. Fortunately I had enough cat food for everyone.

You can read Colin's blurb and hear the show on Colin's site. In case that's gone, you can find a download link on my radio page.

5 March 2017

Under the Cop Titan

A quick stop by the Cop Titan, where the abandoned neighbourhood that is there has been surrounded by a tall fence. Also, oddly, it looks like the buildings are not being so much demolished but deconstructed for possible renovation. Whatever is happening here doesn't seem to be the usual destruction and appearance of something totally new. I need to keep watching this place.

4 March 2017

Seoul Station Overpass

After we ate, we climbed one of the new access staircases to Seoul Station Overpass, where construction has advanced to the point where they are now planting trees up there. It still has a lot of work to go, but with two months before its opening, I expect this to happen fast.

4 March 2017


We met up with the gang and went up on my work's roof, followed by dakgalbi.

4 March 2017

Margarita's Old Home

Margarita used to live in one of the abandoned neighbourhoods we visit a lot, but hadn't been back to see what it was like now. We made a quick detour there and saw that, yes, it is within the redevelopment zone and seems more recently cleared out than other parts of the neighbourhood. Just when I thought this area might start to lose its interest, I discover a whole other section I'd never seen before. At this rate it will soon swallow the whole city.

4 March 2017

Bamgol Village

I wet to Bamgol Village again and met Jeong Myung-sik, a carpenter with a lot of knowledge about traditional Korean architecture. We had a look at some of the nice examples of architecture down on ground level, then ascended up through the moon village.

1 March 2017

Sungkyunkwan Seokjeon Daeje

I co-led an RASKB tour to Sungkyunkwan for the first of this year's two Seokjeon Daeje ceremonies to Confucius. They inexplicably decided to start it at 11am instead of 10, but there were no other surprises. Unless you count the charyeju we were served for free afterwards.

1 March 2017

Ministry of Unification

What if they tore down the Ministry of Unification and nobody noticed?

27 February 2017

RASKB Council Meeting

After an RASKB meeting, Tom, Jenn, and I stayed out after midnight, encountering an anime character and a full choir that sang in the street.

25 February 2017


After years of shopping at Saruga in Yeonhee-dong, I was curious to see if the Yeongdeungpo one was as good, and which one was the original. The Yeongdeungpo one incorporates more of a market area, with a very nicely rendered market street with food stands. So I'm guessing this one is the old one.

25 February 2017

Southwestern Seoul

Two friends had stopped by an abandoned neighbourhood in southwestern Seoul, where they were basically chased away by a worker who demanded they hand over their memory cards. I went in search of it, finding what I thought was the right area. But it turns this is a completely different abandoned neighbourhood, just east of the one they visited. I also stopped by two more abandoned neighbourhoods in the area, one newly abandoned and the other mostly gone.

25 February 2017

Noryangjin Fisheries Market

The new fisheries market building is complete, but the marketers are mostly refusing to move out of the old one. I stopped by to see what was going on. The old building is basically abandoned with all places with doors closed down, but the open market area is still quite active.

25 February 2017

Demolition Begins in Bamgol Village

I stopped by this old moon village, where I discovered the abandonment rate was extremely high and machines were starting to take down the houses at the top of the hill. I knew this would bear repeat visits very soon.

25 February 2017

Heukseok New Town

I stopped by Heukseok New Town, expecting it to be totally demolished. I was right. Someday, yuppie families here will have a very good view of the river here.

25 February 2017

Millie and Buster

Millie and Buster declare Catifest Destiny all around my apartment.

23 February 2017


The Russians were in Korea to do a high amount of exploring in the freezing cold. We met up on my roof and went to Dongdaemun for Uzbek food and more roofs.

21 February 2017

Bank of Korea Museum

I went with the RASKB Business and Culture Club to the Bank of Korea Museum, where they had a miniature of a good portion of downtown Seoul. I got into the position where my office building would be built and got a familiar picture.

19 February 2017

Grey Day

It was a depressing grey day, and I needed to check some locations for an upcoming project. I checked in on a far-gone abandoned neighbourhood that is now a brown slope, and I wandered into a newly opened highrise apartment complex that was as grey as the sky.

18 February 2017

You Partied Like Shit

As Tim and Ian are leaving, Yuppie Killer had one final show at GBN. I got some especially good pictures of KJP47, which is basically Tel taking his anger out on a very badly damaged two-stringed bass guitar, as opposed to his other previous bands where he'd turn his aggression on the audience. My pictures of Yuppie Killer were out of focus and smeared with colour, which sort of depicts how I experienced the show at the time.

18 February 2017

Abandoned Waterworks

We visited an abandoned waterworks facility I hadn't been to in a couple years. It's been sitting here in this state, clearly out of use since at least 2011 when I first visited. This time, barbwire had been put up around my entry point, but it hadn't been exactly set up competently and we were able to outsmart it. Inside the grounds, I found an unattended security shack with live CCTV footage beaming into it. Presuming we were on camera, I decided it was best to act normal and avoid approaching certain buildings. After a good amount of time there, we left without any problems.

17 February 2017

My Son

I stopped by Sewoon Arcade to get my record player fixed, bringing Alex along for the ride. While sitting in the shop, one of the odd men there asked if Alex was my son. I would have been 13 or 14 when he was born, so this was biologically feasible for sure. I spent the rest of the weekend referring to him as such.

11 February 2017

Abandoned Neighbourhood

We had two goals this weekend: get into the yellow building again, and track down an abandoned piano for Kat to play.

I confirmed that our way into the yellow building was a little too sketchy for my taste: it involves getting on top of an abandoned apartment building where there's a definitely not abandoned rooftop house, as confirmed by a pipe emitting steam. Still, three of us made it in and out without disturbing anyone. However, treading across actively inhabited property is not my idea of recreation. As for the piano, it was badly out of tune which made Kat playing it sound even eerier.

7 February 2017

YH Chang Heavy Industries

Long ago, probably in my first or second year here, I was introduced to YH Chang Heavy Industries, a bizarre website of black-and-white text presentations set mostly to very good jazz music. It turned out the artists were having an exhibit at Art Sonje Center, and although I didn't have the time to attempt to interview or even meet them, I visited the exhibit and wrote up an article about it. Plus got to the roof.

4 February 2017

The Rulerz CD Release

Korea's latest ska band, the Rulerz, brings something new to the country that had previously been sorely missing. It's a 2tone ska band that takes the best points of both Skasucks and the Pegurians and magnifies them. Admittedly their shows aren't quite to the high level of energy of Skasucks shows, but their four-song demo CD is destined to be a rare collectors' item.

For their release show, they booked Kingston Rudieska, a gutsy move and a hard act to follow. Kingston Rudieska, who I didn't photograph at all, sounded great on SHARP's sound system, proving the organisers there know what they're doing. It was still, as I said, a tough act to follow, but I look forward to seeing the Rulerz again.

3 February 2017

Neil Ta Returns

Neil Ta came back to Korea, following up his previous visit in 2015. This time he made it even more clear he was fucking done with rooftopping, although we did hit a few roofs together anyway. We also went for Chinese food, and bringing along an actual Chinese person made the experience much more comprehensible; just like anywhere else, bringing a Chinese person to a Chinese restaurant definitely results in a better experience.

29 January 2017

Seollal Day 3: Snow Day

There was a major snowfall this day, and our first idea to visit the abandoned Godeok apartment complex revealed that all the buildings had been destroyed, leaving behind a large empty lot. I tried to find the site where the mannequins, used in the earthquake drill, had been, and eventually we started noticing pieces of plastic body parts on the ground.

After, we visited Guryong Village, a place that causes some apprehension as it is still an inhabited neighbourhood.

28 January 2017

Seollal Day 2: Underground and 42 Storeys Up

We hit the same tunnel, but didn't bring fireworks this time. Philip K provided some live music for us though. After, we ate at the street food tent village mini-mall, then the night took us into an active construction site which we climbed 42 storeys up to the roof.

27 January 2017

Seollal Part 4: Hongdae

Off to Hongdae, for Philip K's song release and Nice Legs' farewell show. Plus, pro wrestling at Freebird!

27 January 2017

Seollal Part 3: Yellow Building

We crawled into this abandoned building, which turned out to belong to some sort of seniors' center and had facilities for children. It was quite something. But there was a guy living or working in another building on site, so we made a daring escape out a window.

27 January 2017

Seollal Part 2: Badasses and Cats

We stopped by Badass Bomi's to wish her a happy new year. Then we went out to another abandoned neighbourhood and met a bunch of stray cats, who I had cat food for.

27 January 2017

Seollal Part 1: Cat Sex

We wandered into one isolated corner of an abandoned neighbourhood, where we found a neat cafe and a very deep basement with religious stuff left behind. My theory is it was for a cult or one of the more vampirey churches that go door to door.

26 January 2017

A Few Pictures

Just a few random pictures, including of Millie who has decided the best place at home is on my pillow.

21 January 2017


Shortly after I arrived, my battery died, just as I was taking pictures of Paul in the snow. This heavy snowstorm kicked up and the night sky became so white it looked like daytime.

21 January 2017

More GBN

Here is the last bunch of bands, which most notably includes Bamseom Pirates.

21 January 2017

Strobe at GBN

For one act, "Dr. Pang," some of the guys got on stage and sang as the strobelight went off. This I guess was a tribute for Pyeong-an/Pang, who is moving to Australia. I took a lot of pictures of this and greatly enjoyed the effect, so here is a whole gallery of them.

21 January 2017

GBN 20 Bands Show

Here is the first bunch of bands from GBN's show. Octopoulpe started the show off again, and there were a few joke acts that were thrown together to buffer the lineup. In the end, I had a lot of trouble identifying many of the bands.

21 January 2017

Grey Dawn

On my way to the subway station, I passed through a fairly large counter-protest of Korea's elderly out to stand by their impeached president. Since Trump was newly inaugurated there were many US flags here, as well as signs decrying the media and artists as leftists. I also am pretty sure I caught one banner going by that spoke about the artist blacklist positively.

So anyway, this is what a pro-US demonstration in Korea looks like.

21 January 2017


I managed to open the window so Buster could sit next to Millie and watch the snow together. It worked well, for about a minute at least.

20 January 2017


The plan was to go to Sinchon to meet another Vietnamese photographer she'd contacted. We had some time to kill though, so first I took her to a roof I hadn't visited in over a year.

20 January 2017


I had the day off and Kat was on winter break, so we decided it would be a good chance to return to the abandoned neighbourhood and see everything under a blanket of snow. Kat also got to make her first snow angel and did some disturbing things with icicles.

20 January 2017


My scooter was blocked in at the parking garage, so while I waited for the driver to return and move his car, I retraced my steps from last night.

20 January 2017


It was snowing so I went out around 4:30am and took a bunch of pictures. First I just planned to stay on my roof, but then I had the idea to return to that old apartment complex nearby.

19 January 2017

Yongsan Disaster Anniversary

The city government released a report on the Yongsan Disaster and set up a display in City Hall's lobby about it.

I also went by the original site, which has changed somewhat since I wrote this. Almost immediately after that was published, a fence started going up around the area. It sat empty for a long time, and seemed pretty inactive last November. They've moved some heavy machinery in now, and the project seems to have a name, but it looks more like they've been covering up the ground rather than excavating.

According to the company:

Hyosung obtained the 647.9 billion won construction order of the urban environment arrangement program for district 4 near the Yongsan International Building, in December of 2015, and is obtaining a series of orders in 2016, too. Hyosung's construction sector accomplished 813.6 billion won order record as of May and is anticipated to easily accomplish the 2016 goal of obtaining 1 trillion 600 billion won order record.
Still no idea why they've taken so long to get started.

14 January 2017

Abandoned Neighbourhood

I took a different turn and wound up in a completely different part of this neighbourhood I'd never seen before, despite having visited numerous times. I also ran into my old friend Totoro, who last I saw living in Singeumho in a building about to be torn down. I guess he moved out and got some new roommates.

At one point I wanted to avoid some older dudes staking out the base of a building I was in, so I slipped through some windows and over a few roofs to find a creative way to get out of there.

13 January 2017


Buster has been extra needy lately, probably because I haven't been letting him outside as much these days. Sometimes he goes to the regular door to be let out into the stairwell, where everything is cold hard surfaces he can slide around on.

I did that this week, without my camera on me, and he found an apartment where the door had been wedged open. Worried that someone was about to scream, I knocked on the door but no one answered. The apartment was pitch dark and when I opened it, all I could see was Buster's eyes glowing at me. He seemed pretty proud of his find, a totally empty apartment with no heating, no furniture, and no lights. We looked around a bit until Millie came searching for us, in a bad mood.

This morning (the 16th), I walked by the door and heard a dog barking on the other side. Buster's not going to like that.

8 January 2017

Return to Songdo

Javin is back, and we decided it was time for him to finally see Songdo. He brought his drone there and we met up with a local friend. Two roofs I had previously visited now seem inaccessible, as security features on the roof doors have been improved.

7 January 2017

No Safety No Tomorrow

I had a long book to read, and I wanted to look in on a couple remote abandoned places that I wasn't sure would pan out (or be particularly interesting). The first I had previously identified as an old Korean military installation, though it seems more industrial in nature. It was a bunch of empty buildings without much to attract anyone there. Then I went to an abandoned villa I hadn't seen in years, only to find it in the same state with (at least) one resident remaining after all these years.

5 January 2017

Excavator Attack!

On my way to the hospital, I saw this excavator at the hospital entrance. Is Choi Soon-sil being treated here?

3 January 2017

Brother Anthony's Birthday

It was not only Brother Anthony's birthday, but also poet Jeong Ho-seung's as well. So we met up for alcohol and cake.

31 December 2016

New Year

I wasn't recovered from my cold yet, but I set off around 11 to meet up with friends and set off fireworks on Naksan. The protest downtown was huge and the police presence seemed larger than usual.

31 December 2016

Hongdae Redevelopment

This fence went up and they started excavating in the middle of the street in Hongdae. Years ago Roots Time said there were plans to excavate the street out front and build an underground shopping plaza, but at this point I'm not convinced this is what this is. We'll see.

31 December 2016


While I was at work on Saturday, I heard a racket outside. Turned out it was the counter-protest, defending the president. They were older than the normal protesters and they had a lot of flags. I drove down to confirm, and they had signs about "JTBC-gate" and the tablet they say isn't Choi's, plus they called out the lugenpresse in other languages.

29 December 2016

Cats and Snow

It snowed and the cats had to go out and spoil it with their tracks.

24 December 2016

Santa Claus Conquers the Host

The night before, I knew if I came out I'd get very sick. But the kids were counting on Santa to deliver them gifts, in this case meaning gifts of alcohol and explosives to fight off The Host. What, how do you celebrate Christmas?

I think there were 13 of us, though not all at one time, and we only lost one to the murky waters of the deep.

19 December 2016

Santa Strikes Back

December means it's time to whip out the Santa suit again.

17 December 2016


I stopped by the protest, this time hoping to see more of something I'm working on an article on. And they didn't even use any of these pictures.

17 December 2016


One of my friends convinced her anthropology student to write about urban exploration, so I ended up showing her around some abandoned places. We got kicked out of Sky Apartments, where demolition had at this point knocked down the smallest of the three buildings, then we went over to another more standard abandoned neighbourhood I hadn't seen since spring, which hasn't changed much at all.

12 December 2016

Jogyesa's Christmas Tree

A couple pictures taken while driving around preparing for Christmas. Yes, the country's top Buddhist temple has a Christmas tree.

10 December 2016

SHARP Second Saturdays: Double-Jiwon Birthday

I had no idea Angie was also a Jiwon. Anyway, after a day of exploring we ended up at Club SHARP for Second Saturdays.

10 December 2016

Abandoned Neighbourhood

Guess who found God? You'll never believe where he was hiding.

10 December 2016


On the way to meet people, we stopped by Gwanghwamun for a quick roof visit, and Kat recorded this video of a chorus singing something that could certainly be heard back there in Cheong Wa Dae.

9 December 2016


I missed the impeachment vote which happened around 3, but by then the protest on Yeouido had turned into a celebration. First I stumbled across the counter-protest, which didn't seem happy and was full of older people.

Then by the time I got to the real event, I got to meet Mayor Park Won-soon and I saw one of the tractors brought in by the farmer activist group, which one of them then fired up and they all posed for group pictures.

9 December 2016


I stopped by Gwanghwamun, which was particularly quiet this day. When I arrived there was a nongak group performing in front of the Admiral Yi statue, which now has a bust of the president in front of it, showing her tied up to the various corporations that have been extorted. It was an interesting piece of art that only half a year ago would have gotten the artist blacklisted and banned from various types of support.

9 December 2016

Sky Apartment

I missed a farewell event to Sky Apartments, in which people were invited to see this old apartment building and interview former residents.

Unfortunate, but I came back on my own later. The buildings are quite beautiful in the way that aged buildings are, with 1969 being ancient by Seoul's standards. The rooms had thick but flimsy floors and seemed especially cramped. Quite a few of them had a lot of objects left behind, with one or two looking like almost nothing had been taken. Demolition is supposed to start this week.

9 December 2016


I've driven by this bunker a few times on the side of the road, but figured I'd stop and have a closer look, just for the sake of completion.

8 December 2016


It's been a while since my last visit to the overpass. They've since completed the new deck and are starting to work on landscaping, putting in giant planters for the trees or whatever will be here. The opening date is spring and it very well could be on time.

4 December 2016


I've been helping tvN film a TV show about urban exploration in Korea. Fingers crossed they do a good job. You probably won't see my face in it though, unless I step around the wrong corner at some moment.

3 December 2016

Pegurians and Friends

It was the Pegurians' last show and they had an interesting lineup. We all drank way too much and had a good night, from what I can remember.

3 December 2016


For this protest, I decided to see how close I could get to Cheong Wa Dae, seeing how the courts ruled protesters could get within 100 meters. The answer was pretty damn close. Then after I got out here, the main paraders started moving, and people packed in behind me, turning my escape into quite a struggle.

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