21 April 2014

Jeff's Birthday

When it was Trash's birthday, I was invited but didn't get the details and ended up accidentally crashing the party. This time, Trash invited me on the afternoon of Jeff's birthday party. We met up for food and then went back to their place to drink more. We saw one episode of the Simpsons, and we all cheered when it showed Mizno's spirit animal, Milhouse. Also, Jesse and Ken did a lot of cuddling. Jeff sure seems to like getting Lego for Christmas. All I could give him was the latest edition of Broke 17, with higher-quality images for their anniversary collage and information about the free outdoor ska festival that needs donations.

20 April 2014


We ended my weekend tour with a trip to an abandoned amusement park guarded by four dogs. Four very unintimidating dogs, who enjoy beef jerky and one of whom gives five. I ended up leaving there with so many fives, I might get banned from UER. I also took some videos of the dogs playing with me on my phone that have ended up on my Facebook page.

20 April 2014

Snow Castle

Yes, Korea has its own indoor ski hill. The only problem: it's now abandoned. Apparently it opened around 2008, stayed open for less than half a year, and then closed and a bunch of people went to jail.

I read a review of it that mentions how it would be cold inside through the summer, and water was constantly dropping from the high ceiling. Here are some pictures of what this looked like.

Now, it's guarded by a group of very terrifying looking Korean guys in some pretty serious tattoos. No, not the same kind of tattooed people you'd see at Jeff's birthday party. A lot more study of this unusual place is needed.

19 April 2014

Craig and Choey

For my trip, I reunited with a number of friends I haven't seen for years. I met up with Will again, who I last saw around 2010 in Daejeon at a music festival. And I met up with Craig and his longtime girlfriend Choey, who recently moved back from Canada and have a job outside of Seoul.

Choey told me a very bizarre story about the time that Craig ate her taco. Apparently they went to Taco Bell, and he was very drunk and said he wasn't going to eat anything. She got a taco and went to the washroom, and when she came back Craig had eaten her taco. The evidence was all over her face. It's really something to hear her tell this story and watch Craig's awkward embarrassment.

19 April 2014


For a good while I've been watching this amusement park from a distance, well online anyway. Recently I had someone check in on it and we discovered that it was totally closed and there was no security whatsoever. I've been trying for the past few weeks to make time to get away, and finally I got around to it. It's not far from the coast, and the real estate here should be worth quite a lot. They've taken away all the smaller rides, leaving only the stuff that isn't portable. I'm curious how long this will remain standing.

18 April 2014

Lanterns in Bukchon

With Buddha's Birthday just around the corner, lanterns are going up all over the city. Not surprisingly, Bukchon is a good place for seeing them.

17 April 2014

Sungkyunkwan University

Just a few pictures from campus.

14 April 2014

Roof Reshoot

It was a clearer day, so I revisited one roof during lunch and tried out another. Turns out it's still not perfectly clear, and I'm thinking I might need to wait until fall to get the right kind of air quality.

13 April 2014

Downtown and Jogyesa

I went downtown to wander around and ended up on this roof I had considered visiting a while back. I'd decided not to back then because I ended up getting security's help to check on a homeless guy who'd collapsed outside and didn't want to go ahead and cause trouble. Turns out the roof is common access.

From up there, I could see the lanterns on at Jogyesa, so as the sky was getting dark I headed over there for a few more pictures.

13 April 2014

SKKU Roofs

After giving a PPT presentation last week with a fairly impressive photo of the university seen from somewhere high up, I headed back on the weekend to see if I could taint shot that image so I could just use my own. Of course the sky wasn't clear enough and I'll probably have to try this a few more times. I also found another roof that I think offers a slightly better view, compressing everything horizontally.

12 April 2014


I went to Hongdae to print the second edition of Broke 17. There were virtually no shows this weekend, so I mostly dropped them off at Zion Boat and Roots Time. This edition corrects some photo credit/caption errors I made in Tyler's story about Yogiga, adds his name to the list of contributors, deletes a number of unreadable characters, and adds some information about the initiative to create a free outdoor ska festival this summer.

While I waited for the zines to print I hit one rooftop and met Tyler, then wandered around Hongdae for a while. Why was it so crowded this weekend? There were way too many restaurants where the line was unmanageably long, yet still people continue to line up and wait forever. What's wrong with you? There are tons of empty restaurants in Hongdae.

12 April 2014


A few pictures from the weekend at home, showing some of the neighbourhood as well as the usual cat pictures.

8 April 2014


Just some random pictures from around campus.

6 April 2014


Another trip to Gyonam, this time with more daylight. While I was in one building, I heard people outside, and when I came out I was relieved to see they were also photographers.

5 April 2014

Verv Visits

Yes, I know that Verv is a fictional character, but that didn't stop him from visiting my apartment.

5 April 2014

The Third Window

I cleared off a bunch of stuff on the counter and opened the window. The cats previously didn't show much interest in this window, but I guess now that they've gotten used to the other two, a third is like adding another TV channel. This one is also the only one where you can see people in the street.

3 April 2014

Moving to Jongno

I had a lot of trouble with the procedure to register my address in Jongno. I'm pretty sure when I moved to Seodaemun, the district office was easily able to update my address. This time, it required more documents and a lot more confusion. They ended up sending me to immigration, but thanks to now living in Jongno, I can just go to the downtown immigration office in the Seoul Global Center. Waiting in line there took all morning and a bit more. I made the most of it by making several forays around downtown while waiting for my number to come up, and actually got some things accomplished.

2 April 2014

Spring Blossoms at SKKU

Spring blossoms came to SKKU and I made sure to have my camera out to document it all.

1 April 2014

Baseball Game

For work, we went to a baseball game. I'd heard that the audience at baseball games is a lot more fun than soccer games, but it didn't seem so much like it. They had all the chants for the main players, but the props rarely were more elaborate than those red balloon things. No giant flags or banners like at soccer games. Also, baseball is hard for me to watch. You have to really keep your eyes on it or you lose all concentration.

30 March 2014


Gyonam is looking more and more desolate, with the remaining buildings seeming more isolated as demolition increases. Probably what's remaining now will be there a while. There's also an embassy there that recently closed. However, its flag is still flying and there was one light that kept coming on behind the gate, so no way was I going to attempt getting in.

30 March 2014


I had a slow day on Sunday, eventually getting outside and wandering around the neighbourhood a bit, before Soulkee sent me a message asking where I was. I'd forgotten I had other plans to go back to Gyonam that day. There was still just enough daylight left to make it a worthwhile trip. I dropped what I was doing (rooftops in Bukchon) and headed out.

29 March 2014

Heimlich County Gun Club Last Show

I decided to catch Paul and Yumi's last show at Thunderhorse. Paul is leaving behind Heimlich County Gun Club, and Yumi is leaving Chanter's Alley, who can probably replace her, and the Pinheads, who sound like they won't continue playing unfortunately.

It was a fun show, and without the free cocktail hour we all stayed out much much later. I still can't find my hat.

April Fool's Day 2014

The Great Verv Hoax

This year for April Fool's Day, I'm not going to fool you with some story about going to North Korea or anything. No, instead I'm going to unveil one of my longest-running pranks, something that's taken years of work and many accomplices in on the secret.

Verv is a long, long-running April Fool's Day hoax. I invented Verv as a fictional character about nine years ago, and everyone who claims to have met him is either self-delusional or in on it themselves. Here's how I did it.

27 March 2014

The Camel's Way with Kim Miru

Miru is back in Korea for another photo exhibition. This one was about where she's been living the past two years: in the desert, in numerous countries around the world. Currently she's set up in Jordan I think not far from Petra. I invited some of my friends and we showed up at various times, some of us seeing more of the live music than others. The older people came early, and then later there were a lot more younger people.

26 March 2014


More pictures of the university. I went out on an overcast day to get better pictures of some of the architecture, and I ended up witnessing the setup for a ritual, which included opening the doors to Daeseongjeon. There was also a larger ceremony a few days later.

23 March 2014


A few pictures around home. I went out on Sunday looking for rooftops, and discovered the failure rate around Bukchon is surprisingly high. The few rooftops I could get onto were clearly not meant for people to walk around.

22 March 2014

Heimlich County Gun Club

Here are all the pictures from HCGC's set. You can hear some of their music here.

22 March 2014

Heimlich County Gun Club Album Release

For Paul's second last show in Korea, he had a CD release in Spot. I was busy working on the next issue of Broke to come out next week, and collected signatures from people saying goodbye to Paul and Yumi, as well as a few saying they looked forward to seeing him in the US, and one wishing him a great summer.

17 March 2014

SKKU and KU Campus Tours

For the APAIE conference, campus tours were organised. On Monday, one leg of the tour consisted of SKKU and nearby Korea University. They managed to get permission to open the gates of Sinsammun, which traditionally wouldn't even open for the king. I made sure to point that out to the guests. Afterwards, I joined in for the KU tour as well, to see how they do it and also to help them finish all the food they'd prepared for over 200 guests, who turned out to be almost half that.

15 March 2014

Dr Ring Ding and Kingston Rudieska

This turned out to be one of the best shows I've seen. Kingston Rudieska backing Dr Ring Ding was in fine form.

It was my first time meeting Nica, a Filipina-American who had moved to Korea to teach English. It turned out she was TDSTSE for her school (too dark-skinned to speak English) so she left the country the following week.

10 March 2014

Around My Neighbourhood

A few pictures of my area, mostly after dark.

8 March 2014

Spot Second Saturday

We left Zion Boat to stop by Spot, where we saw some of the usual bands as well as one or two new ones.

8 March 2014

Dr Ring Ding at Zion Boat

Last summer, Dr Ring Ding stopped by Zion Boat for his farewell party from Korea. This trip, he arrived in time for their one-year anniversary, so he stopped by and added a bit of his own music.

He'll be playing with Kingston Rudieska this Saturday.

6 March 2014


I recently bought bird seed in hope that I could lure more birds to our window. No luck yet, but I probably need a better way to offer the seeds for birds.

5 March 2014


Just a few pictures around campus. The weather cleared up and also got significantly colder again.

4 March 2014

Kids on the Move

The Malaysian band Kids on the Move came to Korea recently for a tour across the country. I missed their Saturday show at the Open Your Eyes Festival because of the funk show, but I also knew there was a practice hall show on Tuesday I could see instead. So I went there and stayed out until about 1am. It was a pretty fun show, with ...Whatever That Means trying to stretch out their set by placing a few older songs and a few newer ones, and then there was Goyang melting into the floor during Skasucks' set while they were playing "Skinhead Moonstomp," and then there was Malaysian hardcore. Here are the pictures, and I hope Goyang doesn't kill me (I'm pretty sure those are short-shorts, not a miniskirt though).

2 March 2014


More pictures from my new apartment and a couple from my old one. What are these cats getting up to?

1 March 2014

Funkafric Bluestar

It's been a while since Lim Ji-hoon had another concert in the very small Blue Star, and I suspect that may have been to kill the momentum and keep the audience at a more manageable size. It seems to have worked. Plus, there was a pretty big fight during the show, which saw a whole bunch of people shoving each other and grabbing each other. The band didn't miss a beat. I'd skipped the Open Your Eyes Festival in Hongdae that night, which sounds like it was far less violent than this funk show.

1 March 2014

Walking through Gyonam-dong

I met up with a few friends for a walk through a nearly extinct neighbourhood. Both Jessica and Trevor are leaving Korea, so this was my farewell to Jessica, and possibly my farewell to Trevor. But the world's not that big a place, and over time people have a tendency of running into each other again.

27 February 2014

New SKKU Students

The new semester of international students arrived on campus, and after a number of activities they had a pretty impressive buffet. Once they were mostly done, the rest of us had a chance at all this food.

25 February 2014


One picture from a lecture afterparty, one from a meeting at the RASKB office. I took this picture, while Robert Koehler took this one.

25 February 2014

The 10 Dos and 20 Don'ts of Urban Exploration in Korea

I've spent a couple months too long putting this article together about some of the lessons I've learned firsthand while crawling around abandonments, tunnels, and roofs in Korea. Most of it is applicable to the rest of the world, although as one person pointed out, ugly striped blanketing is more likely a sign of fumigation in other countries. It's long, but it's extensive, and in it I link an even longer document solely about draining. A lot of my friends appear in the photos, although usually in an obscured manner, and I also had Paul and Jacco's help in editing this beast.

25 February 2014

Graduation Day

On Tuesday when I got to the upper gate of the university, there were elderly vendors selling flower bouquets. Strange, but whatever. Down in the campus, there were more vendors, as well as food tents set up. It turns out it was graduation day, and soon campus was flooded with recent graduates and their families. Everything went quiet shortly after lunch, so I'm glad I went out and got these pictures when I did.

24 February 2014

Jrinking with Jru

I considered the possibility that I would buy Jru's motorbike from him. I showed up to have a closer look, and it turns out it was a much more full-on motorcycle than I was expecting, complete with clutch and gears. So no, that's out. But we drank a fair amount.

22 February 2014


A few months ago, I went to a TBS eFM party where we ended up at this bar around the corner from Anguk Station. While looking for a good place to go with Tyler after moving, I remembered this place nearby and brought him there.

It's run by Choi Eunjin, a fantastic singer who will play you her music if you ask (and everyone coming there seems to). Her music is hard to describe, and hearing her describe it, it's clear she thinks so too. Her voice is very classically Korean, but the backing music is very unusual and pairs very well with her. I might describe it as trot music as played by gypsies, and she frequently cites gisaeng culture as something that informs her music. You can hear a sample here. And here's a sample of her own version of Arirang here which I don't think I've ever heard elsewhere. This one was recorded in her own bar; that microphone standing there isn't just for show.

Anyway, Tyler left early, I made friends with some Korean guys there, and we stayed late and ordered chicken. I bought a CD from her and was surprised to see it was released on Beatball of all places.

22 February 2014

Moving In

The worst thing about living on the fifth floor is moving in. My new place is on the top floor, basically an extra unit built on top of a four-storey building. Bukchon is a very comfortable place to live, provided you can tolerate the steady stream of tourists in the daytime. I'm high up enough I never hear them. The cats really enjoy the place and have their share of windows to sit at.

22 February 2014

Moving Out

Moving out is always a stressful process. I've lived in the same place for over four years, and was long overdue for a move. Fortunately my new apartment had some furniture, so I could leave behind some of my old stuff including the bed and the couch. We managed to fit everything into a very small moving truck.

21 February 2014

Africa Sound Party

One of the student interns at my office mentioned she was going to see an African music show in Hongdae. Lately, the news was getting around about an African art museum run by a major politician that was treating its African employees pretty well almost as slaves. Their plight made national headlines, and then they were booked to do two sets at a fundraiser in their honour shortly before leaving country.

I was moving the next day but I knew I couldn't miss this performance. I showed up in time for the second set, and it was fantastic. I really wish more of my friends could have seen them.

21 February 2014

SKKU Back Gate

This is the route I take from home to the university. I take a bus up the mountain slope that swings down into the back gate of SKKU. It's high up in the hill and pretty scenic, but these days the pollution makes it hard to see much. Also, I don't go the same way to go home, because that's a pretty major hike. I continue walking downhill to catch a bus on the main streets.

16 February 2014


I'm getting ready to move, so I've needed to get a lot of boxen to pack my stuff into. I ended up raiding Emart and Saruga, which both have free boxen for anyone to take. I took them home and put them together, and instantly the cats declared this a new box-based neighbourhood, running in and choosing their own boxen. Then a bit of a territory war developed, and Millie exiled Buster, who came back and decided to smash the cardboard settlement. Quite an interesting conflict plays out in these pictures.

Also, you can see how messy my apartment is prior to moving out, including some conspicuous cat barf that appeard in a place I can no longer reach due to boxen in the way.

15 February 2014

Shake Shop Volume 12

It seems like it's become a monthly thing to have a show that features a lot of the usual Hongdae bands, but they're accompanied by bellydancers. They seem to be doing quite well, and have brought together a lot of surprising bands to perform a soundtrack for the bellydancing troupe Navah. The show is presented by Korea Gig Guide, as KGG editor Shawn is married to Eshe, the main organiser pictured here. This show featured Asian Chairshot, Galaxy Express, and Kingston Rudieska. I was coming from the Yuppie Killer show, so I missed Asian Chairshot and caught most of Galaxy Express and all of Kingston Rudieska.

15 February 2014

Party Like Shit: Yuppie Killer CD Release

Yuppie Killer had a CD to release, so they booked a practice hall and invited a lot of good hardcore bands to play there. Unfortunately I was also planning to go to the Shake Shop show around the corner, so I was only there long enough to shoot Mixed Blood, Animal Anthem, and Something Fierce. It seemed like a fun show and I printed off 30 more issues of the latest Broke which all disappeared pretty quickly. Then I had to disappear. More pictures from that later, including when I met up with the Yuppie Killer afterparty afterwards.

11 February 2014

Sungkyunkwan Door Scandal

Walking back from lunch, I identified a major safety flaw with the big glass doors at SKKU's international building. Turns out the handles are installed only in the glass. Also turns out a slight force exerted over one of the fixtures can turn the glass into a giant tessellated web of smashed glass. Fortunately it stayed together, but the noise it made post-smash was pretty nail-biting. It finally got fixed over the weekend as of Monday, February 17.

10 February 2014

Ahyeon Overpass

Somehow I missed this post on Gusts of Popular Feeling about Ahyeon Overpass, Korea's first overpass, which closed on Saturday, February 8 with a sort of festival on the doomed overpass.

I missed out, or maybe it's better to say it was my turn to go next. Tyler and I stopped by for a visit at dusk and managed to get some interesting views from the overpass, possibly the last to ever be taken.

8 February 2014

Steel Face Records Compilation Release

I headed to Club Ta to see the Steel Face Records compilation release. It was a good mix of old and young bands, and Galaxy Express was dropped conspicuously into the middle of the lineup. It was a pretty decent show, and I met Leon, a Dutch skinhead who's staying in Korea for a couple months working for a Korean engineering company briefly. I haven't yet listened to the compilation but I'm looking forward to it.

4 February 2014

Sungkyunkwan University

Recently I've been slower than ever at updating this site, mainly because I wasn't eager to revisit the unpleasantness of February 1, but also because I haven't had time or opportunity to work photo-editing into my daily schedule due to my new job.

Speaking of which, here's a walk around Sungkyunkwan University, including the old campus which is mainly an on-the-spot replica of the original campus dating back to 1398. Also, I hit a couple rooftops in the newer part of campus, but things get less interesting the higher up the mountain you go.

1 February 2014

Seollal at Thunderhorse

It was Lunar New Year's and I was a bit sick but I decided it would be a total waste if I didn't make it out. The show was at Thunderhorse, which I'd previously visited on their opening night. However, I heard that the previous week Jesse almost got in a fight there. That's right, Jesse, almost getting in a fight. Jesse wasn't there that night, but the guy that got in his face was. Things were mostly calm until I got Jeff to show off his new Jesse tattoo. Then things once again reverted to sane, once that guy left. I didn't mean to cause trouble for the venue and they reacted appropriately to what was happening, though I could've used more guilting in all honesty.

25 January 2014

Abandoned Oil Reserve

A few months ago, a friend found some information on an abandoned oil reserve not too far from my home. After a few months nobody had gone to check it out, so finally I made the trip. This gallery is actually from two trips. The first time, I climbed a mountain and saw the tankers from above, then went down into one but I was a bit too on edge to take good pictures. The second time, I came back with Jessica during the Lunar New Year weekend for a second look. We visited two of the three smaller tankers out of five.

It's interesting to see the plans for this area. Probably too ambitious to happen any time soon.

21 January 2014

Hwaseong Fortress

We took a break from abandonments to spend a day in Suwon, where we walked around Hwaseong Fortress and had Suwon galbi.

18 January 2014


Barely a week had passed since Javin left, and I was again visited by a Chinese-Canadian urban explorer. Jessica is from Montreal and happens to have no contact with any of the Toronto community I've gotten to know from all the way over here. We met up and spent a few days going around to rooftops, abandonments, and tunnels.

12 January 2014

Vivisick in Korea

I almost forgot to put these up.

After running around all weekend with Javin, we headed to a hardcore show at Spot. I don't think Javin was planning on coming along, but he decided at the last minute to join us, bought some earplugs, and made it all the way to the end. I made sure to explain to him that when Pyha was shouting "Go back to China!" he wasn't talking to him.

I also brought along the latest issue of Broke in Korea so this served as kind of the unofficial release. If you didn't get one, you might be out of luck, and if you did, congratulations: you have a collector's item.

11 January 2014

Javin 2014

Last year I met Javin, a pretty good urban explorer from Toronto who's probably best known for his time lapses and for appearing in the photos of other Toronto explorers. He's back again, taking on another winter camp job to help fund his travels.

Last year was a gruelling two days in which we pulled off the trifecta of rooftop, abandonment, and tunnel, and this year I didn't want him to think I was getting soft. This year's gauntlet was a little more focused on abandonments, and we had a good time in the quickly disappearing Gyonam-dong, soon to be known as Dongnimmun New Town. To make things even more confusing, we headed over to Dongdaemun for food after, going from one side of traditional Seoul to the other.

9 January 2014

Abandoned Factory

Embarking on a business meeting in a part of town I wasn't too familiar with, I was keeping an eye open for an abandoned factory Tyler had mentioned. Turns out it was right in front of the subway exit I took. Anyway, I went to the meeting, hit a couple roofs, and looked around the factory. It's mostly empty inside.

31 December 2013

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve I planned to get the zine printed, but the shop was closed. I met up with Verv and Zeinab and John Middlemis of Chanter's Alley and we went to Zion Boat for food, then Roots Time for midnight, where we ran into Tyler and a ton of Indonesians. Never have there been so many Muslims in Roots Time before.

Also, as it's the end of the year, I'm unlocking all the 2013 archives. I don't know why I do it this way, but it's fun torturing visitors to my site.


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