14 January 2017

Abandoned Neighbourhood

I took a different turn and wound up in a completely different part of this neighbourhood I'd never seen before, despite having visited numerous times. I also ran into my old friend Totoro, who last I saw living in Singeumho in a building about to be torn down. I guess he moved out and got some new roommates.

At one point I wanted to avoid some older dudes staking out the base of a building I was in, so I slipped through some windows and over a few roofs to find a creative way to get out of there.

13 January 2017


Buster has been extra needy lately, probably because I haven't been letting him outside as much these days. Sometimes he goes to the regular door to be let out into the stairwell, where everything is cold hard surfaces he can slide around on.

I did that this week, without my camera on me, and he found an apartment where the door had been wedged open. Worried that someone was about to scream, I knocked on the door but no one answered. The apartment was pitch dark and when I opened it, all I could see was Buster's eyes glowing at me. He seemed pretty proud of his find, a totally empty apartment with no heating, no furniture, and no lights. We looked around a bit until Millie came searching for us, in a bad mood.

This morning (the 16th), I walked by the door and heard a dog barking on the other side. Buster's not going to like that.

8 January 2017

Return to Songdo

Javin is back, and we decided it was time for him to finally see Songdo. He brought his drone there and we met up with a local friend. Two roofs I had previously visited now seem inaccessible, as security features on the roof doors have been improved.

7 January 2017

No Safety No Tomorrow

I had a long book to read, and I wanted to look in on a couple remote abandoned places that I wasn't sure would pan out (or be particularly interesting). The first I had previously identified as an old Korean military installation, though it seems more industrial in nature. It was a bunch of empty buildings without much to attract anyone there. Then I went to an abandoned villa I hadn't seen in years, only to find it in the same state with (at least) one resident remaining after all these years.

5 January 2017

Excavator Attack!

On my way to the hospital, I saw this excavator at the hospital entrance. Is Choi Soon-sil being treated here?

3 January 2017

Brother Anthony's Birthday

It was not only Brother Anthony's birthday, but also poet Jeong Ho-seung's as well. So we met up for alcohol and cake.

31 December 2016

New Year

I wasn't recovered from my cold yet, but I set off around 11 to meet up with friends and set off fireworks on Naksan. The protest downtown was huge and the police presence seemed larger than usual.

31 December 2016

Hongdae Redevelopment

This fence went up and they started excavating in the middle of the street in Hongdae. Years ago Roots Time said there were plans to excavate the street out front and build an underground shopping plaza, but at this point I'm not convinced this is what this is. We'll see.

31 December 2016


While I was at work on Saturday, I heard a racket outside. Turned out it was the counter-protest, defending the president. They were older than the normal protesters and they had a lot of flags. I drove down to confirm, and they had signs about "JTBC-gate" and the tablet they say isn't Choi's, plus they called out the lugenpresse in other languages.

29 December 2016

Cats and Snow

It snowed and the cats had to go out and spoil it with their tracks.

24 December 2016

Santa Claus Conquers the Host

The night before, I knew if I came out I'd get very sick. But the kids were counting on Santa to deliver them gifts, in this case meaning gifts of alcohol and explosives to fight off The Host. What, how do you celebrate Christmas?

I think there were 13 of us, though not all at one time, and we only lost one to the murky waters of the deep.

19 December 2016

Santa Strikes Back

December means it's time to whip out the Santa suit again.

17 December 2016


I stopped by the protest, this time hoping to see more of something I'm working on an article on. And they didn't even use any of these pictures.

17 December 2016


One of my friends convinced her anthropology student to write about urban exploration, so I ended up showing her around some abandoned places. We got kicked out of Sky Apartments, where demolition had at this point knocked down the smallest of the three buildings, then we went over to another more standard abandoned neighbourhood I hadn't seen since spring, which hasn't changed much at all.

12 December 2016

Jogyesa's Christmas Tree

A couple pictures taken while driving around preparing for Christmas. Yes, the country's top Buddhist temple has a Christmas tree.

10 December 2016

SHARP Second Saturdays: Double-Jiwon Birthday

I had no idea Angie was also a Jiwon. Anyway, after a day of exploring we ended up at Club SHARP for Second Saturdays.

10 December 2016

Abandoned Neighbourhood

Guess who found God? You'll never believe where he was hiding.

10 December 2016


On the way to meet people, we stopped by Gwanghwamun for a quick roof visit, and Kat recorded this video of a chorus singing something that could certainly be heard back there in Cheong Wa Dae.

9 December 2016


I missed the impeachment vote which happened around 3, but by then the protest on Yeouido had turned into a celebration. First I stumbled across the counter-protest, which didn't seem happy and was full of older people.

Then by the time I got to the real event, I got to meet Mayor Park Won-soon and I saw one of the tractors brought in by the farmer activist group, which one of them then fired up and they all posed for group pictures.

9 December 2016


I stopped by Gwanghwamun, which was particularly quiet this day. When I arrived there was a nongak group performing in front of the Admiral Yi statue, which now has a bust of the president in front of it, showing her tied up to the various corporations that have been extorted. It was an interesting piece of art that only half a year ago would have gotten the artist blacklisted and banned from various types of support.

9 December 2016

Sky Apartment

I missed a farewell event to Sky Apartments, in which people were invited to see this old apartment building and interview former residents.

Unfortunate, but I came back on my own later. The buildings are quite beautiful in the way that aged buildings are, with 1969 being ancient by Seoul's standards. The rooms had thick but flimsy floors and seemed especially cramped. Quite a few of them had a lot of objects left behind, with one or two looking like almost nothing had been taken. Demolition is supposed to start this week.

9 December 2016


I've driven by this bunker a few times on the side of the road, but figured I'd stop and have a closer look, just for the sake of completion.

8 December 2016


It's been a while since my last visit to the overpass. They've since completed the new deck and are starting to work on landscaping, putting in giant planters for the trees or whatever will be here. The opening date is spring and it very well could be on time.

4 December 2016


I've been helping tvN film a TV show about urban exploration in Korea. Fingers crossed they do a good job. You probably won't see my face in it though, unless I step around the wrong corner at some moment.

3 December 2016

Pegurians and Friends

It was the Pegurians' last show and they had an interesting lineup. We all drank way too much and had a good night, from what I can remember.

3 December 2016


For this protest, I decided to see how close I could get to Cheong Wa Dae, seeing how the courts ruled protesters could get within 100 meters. The answer was pretty damn close. Then after I got out here, the main paraders started moving, and people packed in behind me, turning my escape into quite a struggle.

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